Fast & Furious game racing to retail next month

Activision has announced Fast & Furious: Showdown, a video game tie-in for the upcoming street racing film.

The game will be released in the UK on May 24th for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U, according to GAME listings.

Polygon reports Showdown is being developed by Firebrand Games and focuses on two-player co-op. Gamers can switch between the self-explanatory roles of driver and gunman, as well as the less-clear positions of tactician and daredevil (presumably the chap who leaps from bonnet to bonnet).

Most of the action will take place in an objective-based Challenge Mode, with online leaderboards allowing players to compare their scores.

The May 24th launch for F&F: Showdown comes a few weeks before the June premiere of Fast & Furious 6, starring Vin Diesel.

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