FCC filing hints at new SNES controller for Nintendo Switch 

A new FCC filing has revealed documentation that outlines a SNES controller for Nintendo Switch.

Whilst much of the information about the controller remains under wraps, the filing – which was spotted by Restera user Link83 (thanks, Eurogamer) –  includes a diagram that details the back of the controller. As Eurogamer posits, this includes the “HAC” model number, which is used on Nintendo Switch hardware.

Fans have taken this to indicate Nintendo might be ready to add Super Nintendo (SNES) games to its Nintendo Online virtual library, as a NES controller was similarily released when NES games were made available for Nintendo Online subscribers.

As yet, Nintendo has not responded to requests for comment.

In related news, it seems Microsoft might be gearing up to take on Nintendo Switch’s portability. A new patent has revealed Microsoft may be looking to turn smartphones into portable Xboxes with a new controller device that clips a controller to either side of smartphone screens.

Filed last month, the patent itself isn’t for the controller but instead details an accompanying charger for something called “removable input modules”. While the documentation doesn’t explicitly refer to the Xbox system or marketing, the controller – which has been detailed in sketches that accompany the patent – includes many of the features associated with Microsoft’s gaming controller.

Expected to be available in a range of colours, the controller comes in two halves that clip onto each side of your horizontal smartphone. Said to include features such as built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and wireless headphones support, once applied the controller will not look dissimilar to Nintendo Switch, although unlike Nintendo’s hybrid system, it would seem this controller will be used to play games streamed via Microsoft’s upcoming streaming service, Project xCloud.

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