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Final Boss: Green Man Gaming’s Peter King

Every month an industry leader wraps up MCV/DEVELOP with their unique insight. This month, we speak to Peter King, executive vice president of business development at Green Man Gaming. 

Take us through your years in the industry!

In the late eighties I worked in the video film industry with Columbia Pictures and sold great titles like Silence of the Lambs. In the early nineties, I joined Telstar Records / Thornley Distribution to start in the games industry. From there I joined Broderbund and worked and sold Myst and Riven. (Kids please know your history in the industry. Myst was THE game) From there I joined Novalogic and that’s where I first met Helen Churchill, who is Green Man Gaming’s EVP of Publishing.

Novalogic had a great lineup: Delta Force, F-22, Comanche and many more. The year 2000 saw me and the team roll up with Ian Howe at Activision and we launched a little title called Call of Duty. Other titles included Tony Hawk’s and Spider-Man. From there I worked with 1C, Started KISS ltd, spent time at Fanatical, and for the last three years have been the EVP of business development at Green Man Gaming.

What has been a memorable highlight of your career?

Tough to answer. I would say the many many friends I now have within the industry. We have grown up together and now know each other’s families. That’s a personal one I guess. Work wise I would say the launch of Call of Duty at Activision and the early days of KISS ltd, where we launched and managed over 140 titles. What would you say is your greatest achievement? For work that would be launching Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3 across Europe. Crazy yet great times with a fantastic team at Activision back in early 2000’s.

What ambitions do you have for the future?

To continue to work in and grow this great industry. To embrace all newcomers into it and pass on any knowledge and experience I have gained. For the Green Man Gaming team to continue to push us onwards and upwards. They are a great team with huge experience and new talent. Open new doors and old ones and fly the flag on the highest high.

What have been the most notable industry changes over the years?

Easy. Boxed to digital. I can remember talking at an early E3 show and people were talking digital .. and everyone was like ‘meh’ .. then Boom! .. It happened! I still find it amazing that some companies are still way behind this curve and have not embraced the changes. I do miss the good old boxed days though. Look at music; I’m still in love with vinyl!

What do you see as the gaming industry’s biggest challenges in the years ahead?

The move to streaming. This will be the next big thing in my opinion. But the infrastructure needs to be there. Roll on 7G and 8G!

Do you think the industry is in a good place?

Hell yes! We have just been through a global pandemic and have come out strong. Sales are expected to be over $300 billion USD by 2027. That’s good growth. A happy place to be! Still miss my Spectrum with Manic Miner and Frogger though!

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