Fire Emblem Warriors releasing on Switch and New 3DS, Shadows of Valentia coming in May

Upcoming Nintendo Switch title, Fire Emblem Warriors, will also be launching on the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, Nintendo has confirmed, making it the first Switch title we know of that will also receive a handheld release. Both versions of the game are due to arrive this autumn.

Unveiled last night during its Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct broadcast, the Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors crossover title will follow in the footsteps of Nintendo’s previous Warriors crossover title – the Zelda-themed Hyrule Warriors – and launch simultaneously on both the company’s home and handheld consoles. Regular 3DS and 2DS owners, however, will be out of luck, as Fire Emblem Warriors will only be compatible with the New 3DS family of consoles.

Not much is known about the game right now, and indeed its initial reveal for the Nintendo Switch on Friday 13th January consisted of little more than a vague CG trailer. Last night, however, Nintendo finally showed off some gameplay footage of Fire Emblem Warriors, revealing that Chrom from 3DS title Fire Emblem Awakening will be one of the main playable characters.

If that wasn’t enough, Nintendo also revealed an entirely separate 3DS Fire Emblem game in the form of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Based on the Japanese-only title Fire Emblem Gaiden that originally released for the NES in 1992, Shadows of Valentia is being completely reworked to bring this gaming classic into the modern age.

In keeping with its historical roots, Shadows of Valentia will feature dungeon-crawling and explorable locations in addition to Fire Emblem’s classic grid-based battle system, and it will also have all-new artwork to bring it in line with the rest of the 3DS Fire Emblem titles. The cast will be fully-voiced as well.

Launching on May 19th for all 3DS consoles, Shadows of Valentia will also see the arrival of two new Fire Emblem amiibo figures, Alm and Cecelia. More details about how they interact with the game will be revealed nearer the time.

Can’t wait until May for more Fire Emblem? Nintendo’s next mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes will now launch on February 2nd on Android in the UK. Read our full story for more details.

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