Fortnite Chapter 2 reveals the blueprint for the future of Epic’s collossus

Epic Games has launched Fortnite Chapter 2, following their recent event in which the entire map was replaced with a black hole, leaving the game temporarily unplayable. More than just a temporary hiatus in the endless hostilities, the break has now heralded a whole new era for the game.

The latest update sees the unveiling of a brand new island, new mechanics and items – including the ability to carry fallen teammates, swim and even fish. 

Chapter 2 marks the next stage in Epic’s strategy for Fortnite. And one that looks likely to continue into the future, with Epic having put nary a step wrong to date in its plans and execution of them. The game had already been separated into seasons – the black hole event came in celebration of the end of the game’s 10th season, marking the end of the initial stage of the story in an event watched by millions.

At one point it would have been interesting to see if its many imitators would follow suit, though given most have now been left floundering in Fortnite’s wake, there’s not really much to watch out for.

The introduction of chapters offering a complete reset of the game’s geography and significant updating to its mechanics makes a tantalising offer for both loyal and lapsed players – keeping the game fresh for hardcore players while helping level the playing field for those who had dropped out during the game’s initial 10 seasons. With an entirely new map and ways to play, devoted fans will no longer have such a big home field advantage. 

This refresh of their most popular title is proof that Epic intends for Fortnite to continue to evolve. That should, in theory, help it maintain its juggernaut fanbase, though having played its biggest card to date, there are also bound to be those who might also decide that enough is enough. 

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