[From the industry] GIANTS Software launches global partner network

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Publisher GIANTS Software has launched its global network of business partners within the company’s self-publishing framework – ranging from GIANTS’ home country of Switzerland, to Singapore, Australia, and to North and South America.

As a publisher,  GIANTS Software will publish its products from now on and lead the global positioning and  brand communication of all partners.  

Together with multiple partners all over the world, the developer and publisher of  Farming Simulator will spread its reach by supervising a tight-knit network of partners to  distribute and promote future titles of the acclaimed agricultural gaming series. GIANTS  Software will support local activities within the overall strategy to reach and communicate  purposefully with fans all over the globe. 

“We have come a long way since we started our self-publishing venture last year,” comments Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software after setting up a well coordinated team within the company in 2020. “Our diligent preparation got us excellent partners on board. They’re not only a perfect fit to our brand, they’re also as dedicated and capable as you can hope them to be. Together, we’re set on a course to bring Farming Simulator to every player in the world, wherever they are.”

In building a global partner network, GIANTS Software not only increases its reach and  brand awareness all around the world but also its independence as a game developer that  advanced to become an autonomous publisher. Twenty-two partners are already on board  to accompany this venture – with the number still increasing: 

  • ARAL 
  • Astragon Entertainment 
  • Cenega 
  • Colby, ComputerLand Group Company
  • DigitalBros 
  • Ecoplay 
  • Enarxis 
  • ERC 
  • Five Star Games 
  • Gamesplanet (Metaboli SA)  
  • Koch Media 
  • MUVE 
  • Netzah Game 
  • PAN Vision 
  • Play Art 
  • Playman 
  • Simactive Distribution 
  • Soft Source 
  • Solutions 2 GO
  • Thali AG
  • U&I Entertainment
  • XD Inc.

“With our new partners, we will build on the already great basis of the series’ successful past and will ensure that the future of Farming Simulator yields outstanding results for  everyone – foremost our dedicated fans, of course. The publishing team will continuously  make sure we’re prepared to draw on our full potential to make Farming Simulator, and its globe-spanning community thrive even more,” says Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software. 

With this global partner network and its own publishing team, GIANTS Software will  expand its publishing activities in the future and publish other developers’ products.  

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