Games Media Awards 2015 Finalists: Editorial Team of the Year (Print)

As we count down to the awards event on Wednesday October 14th, MCV profiles the finalists for this year’s Games Media Awards.

Here we look at the in-house radio/podcast category.

Official Xbox Magazine

Official Xbox Magazine is very much the Master Chief of print media: it exterminates Xbox ignorance with extreme prejudice and travels to distant planets (Cologne) in search of the truth. Also, the team occasionally hide behind rocks to recharge their, er, words? Hey, *you* try writing an OXM/Master Chief metaphor.


GamesMaster has been kicking about these ever-broadening gaming plains for yonks, with its milestone 300th issue fast approaching. The reason? A combination of a fiercely passionate team and an immensely engaged readership. Everyone involved is both enamoured with our grand hobby and eager to share, discover and celebrate it.

Official Playstation Magazine

Now into its 21st year, Official PlayStation Magazine had cause to celebrate back in February when it became the UK’s best-selling gaming magazine for the first time since its PS2 days. A string of event issues, giant features and innovative gifts have resulted in one of its most successful years yet.


Edge is known for its industry contacts, editorial stance, distinctive anonymous third-person writing style, yearly awards and longevity

Gamereactor UK

The UK branch of one of Europe’s most popular gaming networks, Gamereactor UK is available online and in print. Reviews, previews, news and GRTV.

Observer Tech Monthly

An attempt to take stock of our ever-evolving digital society. We decided to take a snapshot of our technological nation – and bring you the people and the gear changing our lives.

PC Gamer

PC Gamer is your source for exclusive reviews, demos, updates and news for all your favourite PC gaming franchises.

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