God of War lines up for PSP power boost

Fans of Sony’s mythical warrior Kratos will be delighted to learn that developer Ready at Dawn will be taking advantage of the extra 20 per cent of processing power that was unlocked in the PSP’s CPU in a firmware update last month.

Previously the CPU was capped at 266Mhz, presumably to extend the PSP’s battery life, but now the machine has been freed to use the chip’s full 333Mhz clock speed. In fact, most titles until this point had only been running at 222Mhz.

"Everything that was shown of GoW: Chains of Olympus so far was running at 222Mhz like everyone else,” Didier Malenfant, president at Ready at Dawn told games blog Kotaku.

We are planning on having the final game run at 333Mhz but this likely won’t be just to improve the graphics which we think are already pretty awesome.”

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