Green Man Gaming doubles playing time to 800m hours

Green Man Gaming released its Year in Review report and it’s with no surprise that we learnt that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the best-selling title for the digital retailer in 2017, with customers owning the title having played it for an average of 86 hours.

The online retailer has some interesting data on PUBG’s audience, with players owning the title also spending an average of 77 hours on CS:GO, 53 hours on Rainbow Six Siege and 39 hours on Rocket League. The latter was the second best-selling title on Green Man Gaming and also the best reviewed game on the store (with PUBG taking No.2 in that list).

On the pre-order front, Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion (releasing on February 8th) was the most pre-purchased title in 2017, followed by Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 (initially due in February and then pushed back to the end of March) and Capcom’s Monster Hunter World, which just released to great sales both in the UK and worldwide. Secret of Mana HD, launching this February, made it to No.4, with Green Man Gaming noting that “the return of the SNES with the Mini is driving nostalgia with increasing interest in games such as Secret of Mana.”

The digital retailer’s Year in Review also taught us that GMG’s community played 23,950 different PC games for a total of 804,855,730 hours in 2017. Playtime has doubled compared to 2016, when Green Man Gaming’s community ‘only’ played for 400m hours. Most of the digital retailer’s players come from the US (over 185m hours played), followed by the UK (over 42m hours) and Brazil (over 21m hours). The report said these figures “confirm what we know about the South American market” and that Brazil is “where the next generation of PC gamers are being made.”

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