Levelling Up – PC Gamer’s Mollie Taylor

Mollie Taylor, features producer at PC Gamer, explains exactly what a features producer does, and how every day on the job is different.

How would you describe your typical day at work?

I’m the features producer over at PC Gamer which — despite what the role name may suggest — isn’t me squared away in a dark corner churning out features every day. One day I may be trawling Steam for new and interesting games to play and write about. On another day I’ll be all over the place, doing bits of news and guides or writing up a review. I’m also working on a podcast with a fellow PCG member right now, which should be out soon! One of my favourite things about being a features producer is the variety that the role offers. No two days are the same.

What qualifications and/or experience do you need to land your job?

A few years of writing is a must, and having bylines across reputable sites never hurts. Features producers cover a wide variety of writing, so you need to be confident in everything from news writing to investigative, long-form pieces. Qualifications can help, but above all, the most important thing is being able to write clean, concise copy in a reasonable amount of time.

If you were interviewing someone for your team, what would you look for?

Honestly, someone interesting. Anyone can write. But it takes skill to write in a way that’s engaging, witty and humorous, all while serving the reader. We love people with heaps of personality and strong opinions on the games they love and play. Ultimately we’re looking for a good writer, but one who can take criticism and use that to grow and become an even better writer alongside the team.

What opportunities are there for career progression at Future?

The whole reason I’m even in this role is thanks to a graduate programme that helped me get started at Future. It got my foot in the door as a trainee news writer, helping me develop as a writer and learn what working on an actual site was like. Outside of that, there are talent development and management qualification opportunities. Should I ever decide to take the leap into a more senior editorial role, they’ll be perfect for giving me the tools I need.

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