LG promises lag fix for its HDR TVs

One of the largest manufacturers of HDR compatible HD TVs has said it is working on a patch that will address the lag issues some gamers have been experiencing.

HDR – or High Dynamic Range – is one of the big buzzwords for gaming at the moment, promising a step up in visual quality. All existing PS4s have been patched to support it, and Microsoft’s Xbox One S offers HDR out of the box with compatible titles.

However, HDR has posed a big problem for some owners – input lag. Basically, the time needed for the TV to process the HDR signal can in some instances add a delay to the picture. The end result is that when a gamer presses a button on their controller, the action doesn’t appear on screen until a little while later.

While these delays are short (somewhere between 30 and 120 milliseconds depending on the TV set in question), this can be distracting at best and, in the case of fast games such as online shooters, potentially gamebreaking.

Now Forbes reports that LG is hard at work on a fix for its 2016 sets.

LG Electronics has been made aware that some customers are experiencing lag on their displays when playing HDR games on LG TVs,” it said. LG engineers are currently working on a firmware patch to address the issue which is expected to roll out shortly.

LG is also working on a solution for 2017 LG TV models which may include the option of an HDR gaming mode. LG is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service. As such, we regret any inconvenience this has caused our customers and confirm our commitment to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.”

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