MCV/DEVELOP Award categories explained: Studios & Publishing

In part two of our look at each of the MCV/DEVELOP Award categories we come to one that, on the surface, hasn’t changed over previous years, but which we hope to broaden out a little. It’s the category for the best developers and publishers.   

  • Major Studio of the Year
  • Indie Studio of the Year
  • Major Publisher of the Year
  • Indie Publisher of the Year

In the past we would only consider studios and publishers that had worked on a product that launched or was significantly updated in the appropriate calendar year. Effectively, it made the category all about the games and not at all the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

This year, we are welcoming nominations from developers and publishers on the basis of their efforts to improve the way games are made. For example, in maintaining a healthy working environment, or by supporting local communities, education, or ongoing work towards sustainability. Great games can still be a factor in this category, of course, but it’s not an impediment to have not shipped a game during 2022. 

Similarly, rather than have a strict delineation between “Indie” and “Major” studios and publishers set at 100 people, we will consider nominations on a more fluid scale based on a combination of size, publisher support, and financial and creative independence. Essentially we’ll be implementing the know-it-when-you-see-it definition of indie. 

What won’t be changing in this category – as with all categories – is that the nominees should be UK-based or have a significant UK operation.

Don’t forget that nominations close April 3, 2023.

If you have any questions about the these or any other award categories, email


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