Media Molecule calls for ‘small professional dev team’ to help create content for Dreams

Media Molecule has posted an “exploratory call out” inviting other developers to work with the studio to collaborate on Dreams. In a brief post on the studio’s jobs page, the advertisement details a “contract position” for a “small professional development team” that “isn’t just normal outsourcing”.

“Some of the exciting opportunities we have require the skills of a small professional development team,” the advertisement said (thanks, VideoGamer). “Are you a small dev team looking to collaborate on something larger or looking for a small project to help fund your next gig? 

“This isn’t just normal outsourcing, it is much more about finding teams that want to collaborate with us on content for Dreams. We are a little light on requirements as this is an exploratory call out, but needless to say experience with creating in Dreams is required!”

Dreams is an ambitious project that has been in development for a while, but as Media Molecule co-founders Kareem Ettouney and Mark Healey reminded MCV earlier this month, it’s not that long considering everything that’s in the game; a full sculpting package, a full music creation package, digital audio workstations, animation tools, programming, a publishing platform, and more.

“One of the strengths of Media Molecule is, you know, we go through all the drama of creation and the torture of it all, but we always improve. Every mindstorm that we ever had is going to be better than the one before, I can guarantee that 100 per cent. It’s very very rare that people would come and go: ‘Oh my God last time was so much better!'” Ettouney said. 

“So I think that pursuit of evolution and improvement is something that kept the project alive and kicking. Every update we had, people seeked progress and developed something that was not there and is now there. So I think the march was always upwards.”

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