Microsoft’s decision has ‘killed original Kinect games’; PlayStation Camera could outsell it

Microsoft’s decision to remove Kinect from the Xbox One bundle has destroyed any possibility for developers to make games that realise the potential of the motion-sensing camera.

That’s according to Zumba Fitness developer and UK studio Zo Mode, whose studio head Paul Mottram said: "We’ve been closely involved with Microsoft over the last few years and I imagine this decision wasn’t taken lightly, but it’s understandable as they need to compete with the PS4 on price.

"However, whilst it wasn’t perfect, Kinect helped differentiate the platforms, which can only be a good thing. From a developer point of view it’s a shame, as it all but kills the chances of making an original Kinect title. I just feel sorry for those developers who had Kinect titles in development who’ve had the rug pulled from beneath them and may now stand little chance of seeing a return on their investment."

Mottram also believes that Kinect rival PlayStation Move may actually enjoy more success in the years to come, adding: "Once Morpheus is released we may see a surge in demand for the PlayStation Camera so gamers can use Move with it."

Develop has the full story.

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