Minecraft creator earning $350k a day

You may not have heard of it, but a ‘little’ indie game called Minecraft is causing a bit of a stir online. So much so, in fact, that right now it’s netting its creator in the region of $350,000 every single day.

And with no distribution or retail chain concerns, every penny is going back to the game’s creator.

The €9.95 title, which is the work of Swedish programmer Markus Persson, is currently selling at the rate of around one copy every three seconds.

Lots of chatter has surrounded the title of late, which dumps players into a visually simple virtual world and leaves them to find resources and construct tools to ensure their survival.

Single player and multiplayer versions are currently available. And work continues on Minecraft, too, which should be moving into a beta phase in the near future.

It all feels unreal,” Persson is quoted as saying by Texyt. I thought I could make a living from the game, but I did not expect to become rich.”

He also claims to have turned down job offers from the likes of Valve and Bungie.

The game can be downloaded here.

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