Mixer tackles ‘harmful and toxic behaviour’ with new program of ‘trust and safety updates’

Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer, has announced a number of new “trust and safety updates” that include seven new program and tools aimed at “maintaining a strong community”, and four new initiatives “focused on supporting streamer success on Mixer”.

After talking “directly” with Mixer’s users, the platform has developed these new tools to reduce “harmful content and toxic behaviour”, some of which are part of “a broader Microsoft promise on digital safety that President, Brad Smith, made earlier this year”. 

First up, the Mixer channel page was redesigned to make it easier to report abuse, and the Rules of User Conduct were updated “to expressly prohibit terrorist and violent extremist content”. Mixer is also implementing a new Streamer Review system – set to launch on August 29 – “to improve validation and monitoring of new streamers” which forces users to login with their Microsoft account “to enable additional screening of new streaming accounts”. There will also be a 24-hour waiting period before a streamer can start their first camera-capable stream.

There is also a new “Toxicity Screen system” to give streamers information and control over interactions on their channel, and there are plans to implement a new Moderator Program to provide improved tools and options to support their work, “while also publicly recognising and rewarding their invaluable contributions to the community”.

Finally, the update says the team is investing in “new software capabilities” to actively review broadcasts, chat and activity on the service, which will “better position [Mixer] to quickly take action to remove or remedy harmful content”. 

The company has also confirmed it is “committed to sharing and learning alongside other platforms” in order to maintain safety and confidence across “the entire livestreaming industry”. 

The update also reflected on Mixer’s audience, stating that since its launch in May 2017, the platform has seen the total number of hours that viewers have spent watching content each month grow “nearly 17 [times] – that’s based on an average growth rate of more than 12% each month for the past 25 months”. 

“The Mixer community is positive, welcoming and supportive, and you have consistently provided insightful feedback, ideas and support,” Microsoft said. “Likewise, Mixer streamers are the reason we’re all here – every day, they work hard and bring their very best selves to entertain us, to teach us and to build connections with us all across Mixer.”

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