Mobile game Pokémon Go to bring pocket monsters into the real world via GPS

A new app claims to finally achieve the dream of every child of the 1990s: make the world of Pokmon a reality.

Of course, having an electric mouse and psychic ghosts run around the streets of London is a little outside the realm of possibility, but free mobile game Pokmon Go will let wannabe trainers track down virtual versions of the creatures by using location data provided over GPS.

Pokmon Go is the result of a collaboration between The Pokmon Company, Nintendo and location-based games specialist Niantic Labs, and will land on iOS and Android sometime next year.

As well as encouraging players to explore their local surroundings in the hope of finding a Mew, Alakazam or Bulbasaur, Go will follow in the footsteps of its handheld siblings by allowing gamers to trade and battle their acquired monsters.

That’s not all, however; dedicated fans will have the chance to purchase the Pokmon Go Plus (pictured above), a wristband with a Pok Ball-shaped dongle that connects to the app over Bluetooth.

The device vibrates and lights up when a Pokmon is nearby, and can also be used to operate functions of the game without having to use the phone.

Watch an impressive-looking trailer for Pokmon Go below:

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