MoMinis widens GameCast developer contest

The contest rules have changed from requiring developers to use only The MoMinis Studio to allowing the use of whatever tool they prefer.

The caveat is that games created in the contest must be able to operate on the same devices and platforms that

The MoMinis Studio supports such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian and J2ME.

The complete list of supported devices and operating systems is available on the contest website and includes devices using different OSes, screen sizes, input methods and processing power.

MoMinis also announced it is extending the deadline from July 10th to August 25th to accommodate the expansion of development tools.

Eyal Rabinovich, VP of community and content for MoMinis, said: The foremost challenge for game developers lies in complying within a very fragmented mobile market. We decided to open the contest to other tools because we honestly don’t think any other tool can compete with The MoMinis Studio in terms of compatibility.

The MoMinis Studio helps developers overcome the mobile fragmentation challenge which is why we feel so confident opening our contest to any and all development tools – as long as they can run on all the devices and operating systems that MoMinis supports. We welcome all contenders."

The competition, launched in tandem with ME and GetJar, will offer $15,000 in total prizes plus a distribution deal for the winner.

It’s all designed to build the base of games created using the MoMinis Studio. This is a free development engine pitched at developers in the Flash, PC and mobile spaces.

Prizes are as follows:

• One first place prize winner will receive $10,000 USD and a promotional deal with GetJar

• One second place prize winner will receive $3,000

• One third place prize winner will receive $2,000
Entrants can register here and download the MoMinis Studio.

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