Monument Valley 2 sells 3.5m and brings in $10m revenue over first year

After a year on the market Monument Valley 2 has sold nearly 3.5m copies reveal figures released by developers UsTwo.

The premium mobile game has been a success, bringing in $10m in its first year, close to double the $5.8m made by its predecessor throughout its first year. If you include a free-to-start Android version released in China, the game has been installed over 30 million devices.

In fact, China was where the game was most popular in terms of installs, with 91.4 per cent of the games 30 million installations coming from China. However, 62.3% of the game’s purchases also came from the region. The game was most successful on iOS, launching in June of 2017 compared to the Android release date of November, clinching 2.1m of the games sales.

The blog post and infographic released by the company has some interesting details, with the game notching up barely 22,000 sales on Amazon’s platform. It also puts the situation in mobile development into stark relief: it goes into details on how much it cost to make Monument Valley and its sequel, and also breaks down the launch revenue on iOS, where the game made its biggest revenue on June 6th, the day after launch, and then started to decline, with even an appearance on an E3 live show failing to have any real impact on revenue numbers.

It’s interesting stuff, and for premium and freemium developers in mobile, essential reading.

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