New campaign Gamers Beat Cancer is raising funds for programs helping children and teens facing cancer

GameChanger Charity has teamed with The American Cancer Society to launch Gamers Beat Cancer, a new campaign to raise funds for additional resources for programs helping children and teens facing cancer.

As cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children and September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the new partnership aims to make a major investment in pediatric cancer research and support programs through a variety of gaming events, corporate partners and gaming influencers. Funds raised through this project will be shared across childhood cancer programs via both the American Cancer Society and GameChanger Charity.

GameChanger manages a variety of programs from scholarships to “provide resources and gaming experiences at hospitals around the globe”, working to improve quality of life for kids and teens in treatment. To date, GameChanger has reportedly “visited more than 200 hospitals and provided more than $30 million in gifts and scholarships”. 

“For over a decade, GameChanger has embraced technology while focusing on hands-on help for kids, caregivers, and families who have encountered the profound implications of cancer. We’re honoured to partner with American Cancer Society on Gamers Beat Cancer to ease pain, offer educational opportunities, and keep medical research moving forward,” said Taylor Carol, co-founder of GameChanger and a cancer survivor. “I feel together we can create something greater than the sum of its parts to bring hope to those that might feel only despair.”

“Esports and gaming have a vast and diverse audience,” said Sharon Byers, chief development, marketing and communications officer for the American Cancer Society. “These are passionate gamers who are equally passionate about making a difference, and we’re honoured to team up with GameChanger Charity for this incredibly important work.”

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