New Vegas pre-orders outgun Fallout 3

Pre-orders for Fallout: New Vegas have already surpassed those of Fallout 3.

That’s according to the game’s publisher Bethesda, which is confident that the new RPG will top the success of its best-selling predecessor.

Fallout 3 was released to critical and commercial acclaim in October 2008, and quickly outsold all previous Fallout titles combined. It also won the Sales Triumph prize in the 2009 MCV Industry Excellence Awards.

Now early interest in the follow-up indicates New Vegas could break records too.

Fallout: New Vegas pre-orders are far outstripping those of Fallout 3,” Bethesda’s European marketing and PR director Sarah Seaby told MCV. Based on the feedback from gamers, we anticipate fans will enjoy returning to the Fallout universe, where they will experience a new story in an exciting New Vegas setting.”

Fallout: New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment. It was announced last year and has already received positive coverage across the global gaming media.

Bethesda is also riding on a wave of strong feedback after New Vegas received a warm welcome at E3 in June.

We’ve been very happy with how Fallout: New Vegas showed at this year’s E3,” said Seaby. Retailers were impressed with what they saw and we received numerous awards and nominations from a variety of media outlets, including IGN’s Best RPG Award.

While players will find Fallout: New Vegas very familiar due to the similar control scheme found in Fallout 3, they’ll also find that the developers over at Obsidian have made a number of refinements after taking a look at fan feedback.

We’re looking forward to when the game launches across Europe on October 22nd.”

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