Nintendo Switch batteries can be replaced, Switch-branded microSD cards also coming in Japan

Nintendo UK has updated its technical specifications page for its upcoming Switch console, revealing the battery will be able to be replaced by sending it to Nintendo’s Customer Support service.

The 4,310mAh lithium ion battery won’t be able to be removed by the user like a traditional tablet or smartphone, but Nintendo has said it plans to offer paid replacement for the Switch’s battery should it need to be replaced.

The platform holder also reiterated that the battery should be able to last for around six hours depending on the title. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, however, will only last around three hours on a single charge. Meanwhile, the console will take around three hours to charge when the machine’s in sleep mode.

4,310mAh is reasonably large as far as 6.2in devices go, as even Samsung’s 5.7in Galaxy Note 7 only had a 3,500mAh battery before the phone was recalled worldwide.

It was also revealed over the weekend that electronics manufacturer Hori will be producing official Nintendo Switch-branded microSD cards for the console. While it’s not yet clear whether these cards will be available in the UK, its Amazon Japan product page suggests that they’ll cost a lot more than your average microSD card.

At time of writing, the Hori Nintendo Switch microSDHC cards will be available in 16GB and 32GB models, and will cost 4,480 (around 31) and 6,250 (around 43) respectively.

These may be placeholder prices, of course, but when you can currently buy a 16GB SanDisk Ultra microSDHC card for less than 7 on Amazon, or a 32GB variant for under 12, it does seem like a ridiculously high mark-up for what’s essentially an entirely normal microSD card apart from the Switch branding. We’ve contacted Nintendo to see whether these cards will be coming to the UK, and we’ll update this article accordingly when we hear back.

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