Anonymous accused of hacking Deus Ex site

Notorious hacker group Anonymous has been accused of being behind an online assault on Thursday that brought down both the Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Eidos websites.

Krebonsecurity reports that both sites temporarily displayed an erroneous banner reading "Owned by Chippy1337" and were then downed for several hours. The unfolding of the plan can be read in copies of the hacker’s online chat.

In this same conversation they claim to have obtained information from at least 80,000 registered users of the sites and that they plan to share it online.

The backdrop to this is twofold. Firstly, despite repeated denials Anonymous remains embroiled in the controversy surrounding the PSN outage.

Secondly, the group itself is said to be in a state of disarray, with splinter groups breaking off from the main Anonymous collective. A UK hacker named Ryan Cleary (sometimes referred to as ‘Blackhatcat’) is said to have recently taken control of IRC channels and networks previously used by Anonymous.

It is believed that the Eidos attack was orchestrated by this new faction of Anonymous rebels, which includes Cleary, ‘eve’ and ‘nigg’.

ev0 and nigg got the 0day they used to break in [to] from one guy, then got Blackhatcat to execute it and then screwed everyone, stole the database,” an unnamed observer explained.

This is how those guys roll: One day they work together, the next they war. They drop dox [revealing personal details] on each other like it’s a game. Just like they did pinning the defacement of Deus Ex on Blackhatcat. Then denied the whole thing.

"Its psychotic behaviour like I have never seen. Its like they hate each other but will work together on certain ops if it suits them, but then might turn on each other in the end…and then laugh it off.”

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