Blizzard’s new IP is next-gen MMO

Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime has confirmed that its still unofficial and unnamed ‘next generation MMO’ will be based around completely original IP.

He also discussed ‘Project Titan’, and confirmed that the game would be based around completely original IP.

Internally we think of that as a next generation MMO," he said. "We’ve learned a lot over the past 10-12 years in developing and running World of Warcraft. So we’ve called upon some of our most experienced developers here at Blizzard to seed a new project.

It’s definitely not going to be a sequel to World of Warcraft and we don’t intend for it to replace World of Warcraft. It will be a different experience and set in a different world. It’s completely original IP. We don’t have a timeline for it though.”

He added that the team has already been kicking the idea around for a few years”.

In a joint interview with MCV, to be published next week, executive vice president, product development Frank Pearce also revealed that as well as the two known unknowns, there are plenty of unknown unknowns: We’ve got lots of projects, besides those, that we’re not talking about”.

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