Civilization Beyond Earth to get first expansion pack this Autumn

PC sci-fi strategy title Civilization Beyond Earth is to set sail on alien seas later this year with a new add-on.

Rising Tide adds a host of aquatic-based gameplay, including the ability to construct floating bases on top of water and drill down into new resources below the ocean floor.

As well as boosting the amount of space available for players to explore, the new pack also populates the watery environment with extra-terrestrial creatures.

Four new factions will also be included in the expansion pack, including the Middle Eastern-descended Al Falah.

Two new biomes will be added too, including the volcano-filled primordial world.

In order to interact further with fellow planet explorers, players will be able to access new diplomacy options, as well as being able to upgrade more than one in-game Affinity for the first time.

Beyond Earth predecessor Civilization V received two major expansion packs – Gods & Kings and Brave New World – plus multiple smaller race and scenario add-ons.

Rising Tide is slated for release this Autumn, priced at 19.99.

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