Hidden Path delists, halts development of Steam Early Access title Windborne

Hidden Path Entertainment has halted development of its Early Access release Windborne, delisting the game from Steam as a result.

Gamasutrahas word on a recent community update by Hidden Path that states the studio has run out of funding to develop the title – adding that the company has explored multiple avenues for additional funding and ended up investing much more into Windborne than the game ever made.

"After much business development around the title with no positive movement in funding…we will be delisting Windborne on Steam," the update reads. "There is no money with which to refund players. Every dollar spent on purchasing the game has gone into development of the game and Hidden Path had invested 10 times more money than the game has earned into the development."

"We have attempted to secure the needed funding to finish the game in various avenues and unfortunately what was once a not-so-completive market has now been flooded with games of this style. Early Access as a means to fund the completion of a game is not something we would advice [sic] to anybody. This was not clearly outlined when we entered into EA, it has since been changed to illustrate this."

The developer has outlined the following consolations to those who purchased Windborne in Early Access:

Every owner of Windborne will receive 5 copies of Windborne in their Steam inventory that they can gift to other players. The game will no longer be available to purchase, but it will continue to work online. Owners can gift the copies to their friends so that they can enjoy the game with others in multiplayer.

Every owner of Windborne Order of the Dragon will additionally receive 3 copies of both Defense Grid 2 Steam Special Edition and 3 complete bundles of Defense Grid: Containment bundle – these copies are giftable or usable as they choose.

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