Intel launches 10-core i7 CPU

High-end PC users now have a new Intel CPU to lust after.

The new i7-6950X Extreme Edition features a whopping 10 cores – that’s a first for the company, whose previous i7s feature four multithreaded cores, equating to a working eight cores.

The 6950X comes unlocked, too, opening the door to some big overclocks beyond its base 3GHz and 3.5GHz boost clock.

All of this bling comes at one hell of a price, however. The chip has an eye-watering RRP of $1,720.

Intel says that the component will, quite obviously, be targeted at high-end users. It certainly offers some big speed gains over its predecessors when it comes to things such as 4K rendering. VR users may also be interested in the potential gains it offers.

Also announced is an eight core version of the Extreme Edition chip dubbed the i7-6900K, which will still cost over $1,000, and two six core chips – the i7-6850K and i7-6800K.

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