PUBG briefly toppled from Steam charts by rage-inducing Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy

Having set the streaming world alight with its fury-inducing play, the spiritual successor to QWOP enjoyed a brief stint at the top of the Steam charts after its release this week.

Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy had previously been made available on the Humble Store. The surreal title challenges players with mastering an obtuse control system to try and navigate a vertically-orientated map. Mistakes – which are incredibly easy to make – can result in virtually all progress being lost.

The best way to understand is to see it wrecking lives:

The game became a breakout hit on Twitch and YouTube, with viewers enjoying both the apoplectic rage and, of course, the incredible skill with which some players were able to better the title.

Check this out:

Bennet Foddy previously created QWOP, in which players had to try and animate a character to run with perfect coordination and control of each limb.

As it happens the game’s stint on top of the listings was a brief one, and the £26.99 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has since recaptured it crown. The half-price Grand Theft Auto V and new release Spellforce 3 have also now pushed their way ahead.

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