SK Gaming’s fer our for at least six weeks due to surgery

CS:GO world champions SK Gaming will be without Fernando "fer" Alvarenga until mid September at the earliest due to the player requiring two surgeries.

Alvarenga requires surgery on both his nose, to enable him to breath through both nostrils, and on his ear to prevent further hearing loss. Unfortunately both surgeries cannot be performed at the same time, hence the considerable lay off time. The issues stem from a broken nose fer suffered when he was a child.

Gustavo "SHOOWTiME" Goncalves, formerly of Immortals, will take fer’s place in the team while he is out, however the team only plans on playing in online events during this time.

A lengthy statement from fer was released earlier in the week, in which he detailed his surgery and plans for the next few months.

"We had a conversation between us (team, SK, family), and I told them I’d like to keep playing even with all these problems, and I’d like to continue writing our history like we are until now,” said fer in the statement. My teammates totally supported me, and told me I could be calm and take care of myself because health always comes first. My intention is to be back 2 weeks before ESL One New York, and during these 2 weeks we’ll make an intensive preparation with the same goal: WIN!”

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