Valve announces August date for Dota 2 International

Valve has announced that the main event of The International 6 will take place August 8th – August 13that the Key Arena in Seattle, with tickets going on sale April 7th.

Tickets for the six day event, which will see the best Dota 2 teams in the world compete for millions of dollars, have been split into two types. The midweek ticket will give fans access to the venue for the first four days, including the opening ceremony and the all-star match. The finals ticket will only grant access for the last two days of the event, giving fans the chance to watch the grand final on Saturday August 13th. Anyone who only purchases the midweek ticket will be able to watch the games on the final two days at a large outdoor viewing area on the Key Arena grounds.

The midweek ticket will cost $75 while the finals ticket will cost $100, both can be purchased at the same time to get access for all six days of the main event. Tickets go on sale in two batches, the first will be available from 6pm UK time on April 7th while the second batch will be available from 6am UK time on April 8th.

Fans who attend the event in person will have the chance to gain in game items, as 500 random attendees will receive a visually unique version of one of the secret shop immortal items whenever the first kill happens in each game. To be eligible attendees must link their event badge to their Steam account and be in the arena when first blood takes place.

Valve also announced that the open qualifiers will start on June 21st, giving any Dota 2 team in the world the chance to make it to The International. The regional qualifiers will then kick off on June 25th, giving teams one last chance to book a place in Seattle.

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