PES 2012 review roundup

Konami’s latest entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series may not be out until October 14th, but with the embargo now lifted the first reviews have started to appear online.

PES 2012 then has a combination of qualities from the series’ recent history. It’s definitely a step away from the hardcore simulation that was attempted last year and more towards the PS2 era of flairsome fun,” CVG said it its 8.7/10 review.

With the slight step back to classic PES, the fun factor becomes a more valid excuse once more but FIFA is far from the spark-free stick in the mud it once was.”

GameSpot awarded the game an 8/10, adding: If fast, fluid, and, above all, fun football is at the top of your agenda, then PES 12 is a great choice.

Its substantial AI improvements make it much less of a struggle to play with computer-controlled teammates, while innovative ball control –despite being tricky to master – gives advanced players the chance to set up stunning plays that weren’t possible before.

It’s not the revolution you might have been hoping for, but PES 12 is a good alternative to FIFA, particularly if you’re in it for the fun, rather than the licences.”

NowGamer also gave the game 8/10, saying: It may sound strange but, where FIFA might be the better football game this year, there’s an argument for PES being the better videogame. It just feels that much more knowing and accepting of its status as a digital recreation rather than trying to be the real thing, and that works.

If Konami can keep this form up, EA has very real reason to start worrying again, especially if FIFA 12’s dramatic and potentially user-intimidating changes (in contrast to PES’s return to purity and focus) are a sign of things to come.”

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