PES shows greater price decline than FIFA in weeks following release

It appears that the PES series takes the battle to FIFA on more fronts than simply on the pitch.

Konami’s title has, over the last two years at least, attempted to topple its rival with lower prices – with last year’s PES 2013 offering larger discounts than the previous year.

New research from saw that both FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 saw broadly similar pricing patterns over their first six months of sale, with average purchase prices of over 38.

Both games had also only fallen in price to around 33 by Christmas. However, while FIFA 12 has fallen below the 30 barrier six months after release FIFA 13 actually remained above this mark.

The numbers are different for PES, however.

PES 2012 debuted with an average price fractionally over 35. PES 2013, however, cost less than 33 at launch. And while the later game held its price more effectively for the first month by two months after launch its RRP had fallen by a greater extent and was, five months after launch, selling for an average price of just over 20.

Unsurprisingly it appears, the more successful the game, the longer it takes for the gradual decline in [FIFA’s] price to take effect,” the site says. Consequently, if you’re in the market for either of these two games, idealo’s data suggests, that FIFA14 won’t decline in price that quickly, with potentially the post-Christmas period offering the most competitive prices relative to its release date.

This also seems to be the case with Pro Evolution Soccer, but at a lower pricing level and with quicker price erosion – meaning PES fans might be able to grab themselves a bargain in two months after the game’s release.”

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