Pokemon Go has seen people trek 8.7bn kilometres in search of Pokemon

Among Niantic’s many successes with this year’s Pokemon Go is most definitely the fact that it got an entire generation playing games on the move.

In a new video the studio has revealed that since launch the game’s players have walked a collective 8.7bn kilometres in hunt of Pokemon. You shave a few miles off that from that time we went out hunting in the car before it was patched, though.

As Niantic points out, that equates to around 200,000 trips around the Earth. It would also take a commercial airliner around 1,000 to lock up the same distance. Pluto, which was the furthest planet in the solar system from the Earth before being stripped of its planetary status, is 7.5bn kilometres away.

In total some 88bn Pokemon have been caught, working out at around 533m per day.

Take a look here:

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