Project Ascension aims to combine Steam, Uplay, Origin and more into a single service

The number of third-party games platforms on PC has become somewhat of a running joke among gamers, as each big publisher attempts to battle Valve’s Steam with their own service.

There’s EA’s Origin, Ubisoft’s Uplay,’s Galaxy and Blizzard’s, to name but a handful.

While some games are available on multiple platforms (notably, Steam and their publisher’s own outlet), titles such as Battlefield and Titanfall can only be brought and played through Origin, while other games such as Assassin’s Creed utilise Steam to then launch through another, separate service, like Uplay.

All this hassle and service juggling can be understandably exhausting and frustrating for players – but now there appears to be a cure in the works.

Project Ascension is a launcher designed not to replace, but to unify Origin, Steam, Uplay and more, making it easier for PC gamers to keep track of their game library, new releases and sales.

It’s being worked upon by 18 volunteers, who have promised an open beta for later this year.

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