PsiSyndicate admits to rigging Counter Strike betting videos

One YouTube star has come out and openly admitted to taking part in a fake Counter Strike auction video to promote a site.

Polygon reports that PsiSyndicate has across four videos admitted that he participated in staged auctions for Steamlotto in exchange for rare skins which he in turn unboxed in the videos – while feigning surprise at his ‘prizes’, as per his agreement with the site.

He says that his total taking amounted to $3,200 in skins, [rare skins] Dragon Lore/Ruby, $1,200 ($4,000 really, $2,800 of my own skins)". At the time viewers accused the whole thing of being dishonest, although these accusations were ignored at the time.

Disclaimers have now been added, however.

PsiSyndicate claims to have confessed as a result of yesterday’s controversy surrounding TmarTn and ProSyndicate, and not for fear that the truth would eventually be discovered regardless, stating: "Yes, it looks dodgy, but the only way to really expose someone is with evidence. The only way you’ll find that is through me/the owner of the website.

So no, I didn’t do it for that reason, I did it because I realised I was stupid to even do it."

TmarTn and ProSyndicate still insist that the lotto videos at the heart of their controversy were not staged.

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