Activision: ‘Music genre down significantly

Activision-Blizzard has joined sector rival EA and industry analysts in admitting yesterday that the music game genre is facing tough times.

Last night during its earnings call Activision Blizzard admitted that the music game genre is down significantly”.

One explanation for the rapid decline in music game revenues might be Guitar Hero’s (and indeed Rock Band’s) prior dominance in the field.

Both publishers have together released 15 games from both franchises since 2005, a figure that rises to 24 if expansion packs are included. 

Both franchises have failed to puncture both the US and UK software charts for several weeks, and yesterday EA announced that its music sales category was down 52 per cent (on tough YOY comparisons).

Activision itself is confident that the genre can be revived. The publisher is ready to launch three distinct Guitar Hero packages this year, with Guitar Hero 5 being released with the pop-centric Band Hero as well as the turntabling game DJ Hero.

Despite its global woes, Activision added that sales had climbed across Europe. The firm added that its new games will provide significant opportunities”, while the company looks to improve its inventory position at retail.

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