Activision thinks about Call of Duty remasters ‘a lot’

The Call of Duty series could be in line for the next-gen remaster treatment, if Activision comments are anything to go by.

"If done well, I think [remasters] can be great," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told Game Informer. "You talk about nostalgia, and people have such connection to the games they love from the last cycle. They want to see what it would look like if someone did it right for this cycle.

It’s always the opportunity cost, meaning we need every body we can get to make the content we’re already committed to for our new games. It’s always a matter of finding great people to do that work. I would love to play Modern Warfare 1 or the original Black Ops. There’s certainly a deep well there.

No announcements, but it’s something we talk about and think about a lot."

Activision would certainly have plenty of games to fall back. Along with its three Modern Warfare titles, there’s also the first two Black Ops, the original COD 1-3 trilogy and a host of spin-offs including Zombies and Finest Hour.

To date three Call of Duty games have been released or confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One – Call of Duty: Ghosts, COD: Advanced Warfare and, later this year, Black Ops III.

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