BAFTA Crew Games increases to 195 members

BAFTA has annouced their newest members for the BAFTA Crew Games programme, increasing to 195 people.

The programme, which creates a professional network for film TV and games professionals, gives its members access to masterclasses, industry talent and livestreamed Q&A events for people to watch. This includes talks with BAFTA nominees on such subjects as game design, narrative and story, music and sound design and game art.

The list, which includes 100 new members, has grown from 148 to 195 (a purely coincidental number). Every year, people can apply to be part of the group as long as they have a minimum of two years experience in making a creative contribution to games, as long as they are developed or published in the UK.

This year saw another first as winners of Develop’s 30 Under 30 2017 list were also offered membership to BAFTA Crew Games. Previous members include previous 30 Under 30 winners Catherine Woolley, Sam Browne and Liz Mercuri.

Here is the newest list of BAFTA Crew Games members, organised by region:

North of England:

Sam Hughes (Sound Design)

Jameela Khan (Story/Narrative)

Zi Peters (Game Design)

David Smith (Programming)

North East of England:

Blair Armitage (Art)

Olly Bennett (Game Production)

Adam Boyne (Programming)

Amanda Cheng (Art)

Will Dudley (Art)

Bianca Iancu (Animation)

Shauna Chantelle Jones (QA)

Laura Millar (Art)

Daniel Scales (Programming)

Bruce Slater (Game Design)

Adam Turnbull (Animation)

Jonathon Wilson (Game Design)

North West of England:

Emily Cheung (Art)

Yasmin Down (Art)

Rachael Gregg-Smythe (Game Production)

John Robert Griffiths (Art)

Jade Hanley (Game Production)

Amy Hartley (Animation)

Dejan Levi (Story/Narrative)

Gary Lloyd (Art)

Arantza Marichalar (Art)

Eugenia Peruzzo (Art)

Niall Taylor (Game Design)

Nareice Wint (Game Production)

East Midlands:

Martin Binfield (Animation)

Tom Jones (Art)

Rory Marquis (Programming)

West Midlands:

Hsiao Wei Chen (Art)

Aron Durkin (Animation)

Christina McGrath (Other)

Daniel Parkes (Game Design)

Iliana Pavlova (Programming)

Hannah Payne (Art)

Jonathan Ridgway (Game Production)

Gavin Stewart (Game Design)

Amelia Tyler (Voice Acting)

Robert White (Programming)

South East of England:

Amanda Allen (Game Design)

Mike Allender (Game Design)

Simon Ashbery (Art)

Mark Bailey (Sound Design)

Tatiana Bernardo (QA)

Lottie Bevan (Game Production)

Amanda Blatch (Art)

Luke Botham (Game Design)

Stephanie Bow (Art)

Michael Bowerman (Other)

Sam Browne (Game Design)

Ruthine Burton (Art)

Alejandro Camara (Programming)

Katherine Capdevila (Game Production)

Daniel Carreras (Game Design)

Emma Charnley (Art)

Alexia Christofi (Game Production)

Dustin Connor (Game Design)

Jamie Cook (QA)

Ryan Courtier (Game Production)

Joshua Crompton (Programming)

Ciaran Daly (Art)

Cherie Davidson (Game Production)

Ennio De Nucci (Game Design)

Liam de Valmency (Programming)

Kai Du (Art)

Sam Dudley (Music Composition)

Emily Ellis (Art)

Daniel Gallagher (Programming)

Alex Hall (QA)

Jesper Hauerslev (Game Production)

Ed Hewison (Game Production)

Henry Hoffman (Game Design)

Jeremy Hogan (Game Design)

Howard Ife (Game Production)

Chris Jones (Animation)

Nicola Jones (Game Production)

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou (Art)

Rob Kidd (Sound Design)

Sophie Knowles (Art)

Rudi Kolenc(Art)

Naomi Kotler (Game Design)

Callum Langstroth (Game Design)

Adrienne Law (Game Production)

Callum Lawson (Programming)

Rebecca Louise Leybourne (Animation)

Michael Lojko (Programming)

Kevin Loughlin (Level Design)

Callum Macarthur (Game Design)

Darasimi Makinde (Game Design)

Joshua Keith Allen Mallett (Game Design)

Liam McDonald (Programming)

Kai McGilligan Oliver (Game Design)

Liz Mercuri (Programming)

Rich Metson (Other)

Alice Middleton (Programming)

Pavle Mihajlovic (Programming)

Florencia Minuzzi (Story/Narrative)

Graham Morriss (Art)

Luciana Nascimento (Art)

Neil Newbon (Performance Capture)

Kieran Newland (Programming)

Zoe O’Shea (Game Design)

Alex Perry (QA)

Marc Pick (Game Production)

Holly Pickering (Art)

Alexander Pitt (QA)

Lucie Prunier (Game Production)

Luca Redwood (Game Design)

Richard Reed (Voice Acting)

Cameron Richards (Game Design)

Ashley Riza (Art)

Andrew Roper (Programming)

Harry Rose (Programming)

Sophie Rossetti (Game Production)

Anisa Sanusi (UI/UX)

Daniel Seager (Game Production)

Elli Shapiro (Programming)

David Shenoda (Game Production)

Jonathan James Shotliff (Game Design)

Zachary Soares (Art)

Ellis Spice (Programming)

Dave Springer (Programming)

Nele Steenput (Art)

Peter Stewart (Story/Narrative)

Gemma Suen (Art)

Ali Tocher (Sound Design)

Artemis Tsouflidou (Programming)

Jason Tuyen (Programming)

Josh Unsworth (Game Design)

David Varela (Story/Narrative)

Omar Vigueras (Art)

Andrew Walker (Game Production)

Duncan Walker (Developer/Designer)

Daniel Wells (QA)

Jeremy Wilkinson (Game Design)

Faye Windsor-Smith (Game Design)

Benjamin Woodgates (Music Composition)

Lindsay Wright (Music Composition)

Moo Yu (Programming)

Lana Zgombic (Game Production)

South West of England:

Mark Bamford (Programming)

Jay Britton (Voice Acting)

Lisa Burgers (Level Design)

James Clements (Other)

Katie Goode (Game Design)

Owen Grieve (Game Design)

Ryan Harrison (Animation)

Thomas Katsikoudis (Programming)

Matthew Kilford (Music Composition)

Harry Nesbitt (Art)

Jonathan Price (Other)

James Thomas (Game Production)

The South:

Jem Alexander (Story/Narrative)

Lorraine Ansell (Voice Acting)

Jack Attridge (Game Design)

Rosa Carbo-Mascarell (Game Design)

Sophia Coney (Game Production)

Rosa Dachtler (Sound Design)

Scott Davis (Game Production)

Akash Dholakia (Art)

Sarah Ford (Art)

Steffie Garcia (Art)

Alex Grahame (Art)

Edward Grimes (Game Design)

Jack Hamilton (Art)

Jess Hider (Art)

Anna Hollinrake (Art)

Michael Hyman (Art)

Chris Johnson (Art)

Benjamin Luff (Programming)

Nic Madden (QA)

Alexander Maw (Game Design)

Katie Nelson (Art)

Zoë O’Shea (Game Design)

Esther Partschefeld (QA)

Nick Peckham (Art)

Simon Prodger (Other)

Christopher Reed (Level Design)

Catherine Woolley (Game Design)

Sarah York (Game Production)

Nico Zink (Programming)


Cissy Biri (Game Production)

Jaime Cross (Sound Design)

Matthew Robert Davies (Art)

Piers Duplock (Game Production)

Melissa Knox (Game Production)

Ben Newbon (Other)

Ronan Quigley (Sound Design)

Zoe Sams (Programming)

Francesco Spina (Game Design)

Magnus Stone (Game Design)

Steven Taarland (Programming)

Timea Tabori (Programming)

Northern Ireland:

Kitty Crawford (Game Production)

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