Crowdfunded space exploration game already nearing $63m in consumer donations

Chris Roberts hopes Star Citizen will raise $100m

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts believes crowdfunding will continue to pour in for his popular upcoming sci-fi action game.

The developer originally mentioned that he expected investments of $100m in a media interview, which was initially believed to be a reference to Roberts’ own money. However, he took to the game’s forums to clarify that he believes this will be the total brought in by crowdfunding, according to GameSpot.

"This is based on our intention to invest all the money we raise during initial development back into the game (which I’ve been quite public about)," he wrote, "and the fact that we will most likely raise this much by the time the full vision of Star Citizen is polished enough to be called ‘public’ (of course all you guys will be experiencing Squadron 42 and the PU before this as part of the benefit of being backers and being part of the development process).

"You guys are literally setting the budget and ambition of the game with your support, which in itself is a pretty amazing thing and something I never would have believed possible two years ago."

Star Citizen’s crowdfunding is currently near $63m, with more donations coming in through the game’s official website.

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