Artist's portfolio shows off preliminary sketches for 'Epic Mickey' steampunk interactive project

Concept art shows Spector’s Mickey Mouse game?

New images that have appeared online seem to corroborate previous reports that Warren Spector’s first game for Disney is a steampunk take on Mickey Mouse.

In 2007, Warren Spector’s new studio Junction Point was acquired by Disney. At the time he said it would allow him to work on a ‘dream project’. Then, late last year, Gamasutra reported that his first game was to be a gaming take on ‘Steamboat Willie’ one of the first Mickey Mouse cartoons.

The supposed project of this title – Epic Mickey – has since been seen again here, at the portfolio of UK concept artist Frank Gambino, unearthed by anonymous long-running games development blog Superannuation.

The artwork shows classic Disney imagery in grim and destroyed locales, including the famous Cinderella castle, plus a zombified/mechanical version of the character Goofy/Dippy.

Another (pictured) features a ruined Epcot Center, part of the Florida Disneyland report.

Previously, other concept artwork was purported to show mechanical versions of other Disney icons, suggesting the game was set in a ‘steampunk’ version of Disney’s movies and characters.

While some have speculated that the ‘leaking’ of the images suggests the project is dead, Develop understands it is still in production at Spector’s Austin, Texas studio – but is under a serious PR lockdown given that the famed designer is handling Disney’s most precious and iconic IP.

The game itself is still not confirmed by Disney – but Spector had previously confirmed that he was working on a project in collaboration with the animation team at his studio’s new owners.

UPDATE: Superannuation has found more details about the game, which suggests it is a Wii title.

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