Service allows creators to work on concepts suggested by the community and split revenue

‘Crowdpublishing’ platform BrightLocker enters closed beta

A new ‘crowdpublishing’ platform aiming to offer gamers even more involvement than standard crowdfunding has entered closed beta testing.

BrightLocker allows users to suggest ideas for games they’d like to see made, which others can then vote on to become reality. The service is free to join, meaning anyone can suggest as many ideas as they like.

BrightLocker will work with partner studios to bring each approved project to life, with backers able to interact with the development team and suggest their own additions and changes to the game.

Those who see their suggested concept become a real title will split revenue with those who bring it to life. ‘Creative contributors’ who offer further ideas for each game will also earn benefits.

BrightLocker has now opened closed beta testing, with anyone wishing to trial the service able to sign up.

A full launch is slated for this summer, quickly followed by the release of BrightLocker’s first developed mobile title.

“We’ve been amazed and highly entertained by the creative game ideas submitted during our alpha testing. Gamers themselves are a hotbed of unique ideas and we love seeing the energy,” said BrightLocker CEO Ruben Cortez.

“BrightLocker is giving gamers a powerful platform from which they can bring their game ideas to life. We build ideas into real publishable games, give gamers the credit and pay them a share of royalty from revenue. No other platform gives that opportunity.”

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