Dizzy will not return – Oliver twins concede Kickstarter defeat

The Oliver Twins have admitted defeat in their Dizzy Returns Kickstarter campaign, which is currently short of its target by 325,000.

The project hasonly managed to garner 24,635from 776 backers with seven days left till the crowdfunding deadline expires -attracting a fair dose of negativity on the way.

Speaking to contributors, Andrew and Philip Oliver said they would no longer be posting any further updates, and apologised for their silence over the last few days if any backers had expected a final promotional push for the title.

They added that the project should have started later in development, as many potential donators had wanted to see a demo and gameplay footage before pledging their money on a project light on details.

The majority of video game Kickstarter projects have been in production for some time, with some having been literally years in the making, and of course thiswasn’tthe case with Dizzy Returns,” read a statement.

As we have learnt all too well, starting the campaign this early in pre-development has made it much harder to communicate our vision of Dizzy Returns, and there’s no denying that we should and could have done this better.”

Despite the project’s failure and only getting 776 backers, the Oliver Twins said they felt there was still enough interest in a new Dizzy title but not in the scope of their original idea, and is something they may revisit at a later date.

Story originally published on Develop

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