#EAPCIndia campaign intensifies with local, international media coverage

After initially being restricted to Twitter, the #EAPCIndia campaign has now picked up on Facebook and received local and international media coverage over the weekend.

The #EAPCIndia campaign was designed to give Indian gamers a platform to voice their opinions on EA’s decision to hike PC prices in India by as much as 133% over last year.

After first starting out on IVG, the movement spread quickly through Twitter and was picked up by local media such as NDTV, Tech2, Post Noon, Gizbot, and of course, here on MCV India. Stand-up comedian Azeem Banatwalla and television host and comedian Jose Covaco, both ardent gamers, also chimed in with their opinions on the subject.

As the campaign grew, it also received coverage from several major international tech and gaming websites, such as Polygon, Slashgear, VG24x7, Kotaku, The Escapist, and our sister site MCV UK. There’s also a rather lengthy discussion thread about it on Reddit.

The international coverage has also brought in the interesting perspective of Western gamers. While some saw nothing wrong with the price hike and argued that they’ve been paying those prices all along, others spoke in favour of lower prices in India keeping the difference in wage rates in mind.

Since the campaign kicked off close to the weekend, EA is yet to respond in any way. We hope to hear from the publisher soon, if not to announce a lowering of prices, at least to give gamers its reasoning for this drastic price hike. So far, no explanation has been given either by EA or by Milestone Interactive, which handles the publisher’s marketing and PR in India.

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