Emily Greer sheds some light on the games that make up Kongregate

Kongregate CEO tweets graph showing rise of HTML5

Emily Greer, co-founder and CEO of web games portal Kongregate, has tweeted out a graph tracking technology usage all the way back to 2006, showing how HTML5 has grown to become a dominant force.

The graph can be seen on this Tweet. This isn’t entirely new knowledge. HTML5 has long been heralded as the future of browser-based game development and it appears that as Flash’s popularity declines, HTML5 is carving itself a bigger slice of the pie.

This graph shows how most games are uploaded to Kongregate each month, and shows that more games use HTML5 now than iFrame and Swift and although the figures show it as more popular than Unity3d, this is inaccurate as many people will know export Unity games to HTML5, a fact mentioned in the replies to thetweet containing the graph.Also in the replies is the fact that Kongregate’s traffic has been slowing for a few years, but recently has started to bounce back, although the reasons for this are unknown.

Greer has mentioned that the graph has been so popular that there will likely be a blog post from Kongregate giving further information about the state of web games development, which will no doubt be exciting for those developing in the space.

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