MCV Jobs Weekly: 22Cans hires Ubi dev, top vacancies

InMCV’s weekly roundup of the latest personnel news and hottest job opportunities, a former Ubisoft level director joins Molyneux’s studio and we look at the best positions available.

Ubisoft’s Stowe joins 22 Cans
Jamie Stowe has joined UK firm 22Cans as technical designer. Stowe had previously worked at Ubisoft Singapore as level and mission design director where he took the lead on designing the E3 demo and naval battles in Assassin’s Creed III.

In his new position at Peter Molyneux’s Guildford-based studio, Stowe’s first task will be working on the developer’s crowdfunded god game Godus.

The team were very impressed with Jamie’s knowledge and experience so far in the games industry, which includes titles such as Assassins Creed,” said 22Cans head of production Jemma Harris.

We feel that Jamie has the experience and skills to become an asset for 22Cans.”

TOP VACANCIES – week beginning June 17th, 2013

Sony Pictures Entertainment – Product Development & Brand Manager

Mind Candy – Paralegal/Contracts Manager

Rainbow Designs – Trade Marketing Manager

via OPM Recruitment – Character Marketing Artist, up to 225 a day, AAA game

via OPM Recruitment – Director of Live Games, Germany

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Kobojo appoints Rizzo as CEO
French developer Kobojo has a new CEO in Mario Rizzo. Rizzo has experience working on free-to-play titles having come to Kobojo from the position of head of free-to-play at Ubisoft’s Worldwide Studios.

He also has experience working at the likes of EA, Sony Online Entertainment and Realtime Worlds.

With more than 50M users playing games such as Goobox, Pyramid Valley, Atlantis Fantasy and others, Kobojo has acquired an in-depth knowledge of how to produce and manage fun, highly-polished, free-to-play products,” said Phillipe Desgranges, co-founder and member, Kobojo board of directors.

Mario brings the perfect combination of intelligence and experience as our new leader and the person to take the company to the next level.”

Rizzo’s first task will be to launch the company’s new free-to-play game Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.

At Kobojo, we believe that the future of games lies in integrating advanced social mechanics into multi-platform, free-to-play experiences,” said Rizzo.

Multi-platform in our case means not only making games available through Facebook, iOS and Android, but also playing these games on next-generation consoles, through Steam. Mutants: Genetic Gladiators will be the first game to launch under Kobojo’s new strategy and it will eventually be available so that users can truly play on whichever platform they choose.”

Assassin’s Creed III producer becomes executive director at Ubisoft Quebec
Ubisoft Quebec has appointed Assassin’s Creed III producer Francois Pelland as executive director of development at the studio.

In his new role, Pelland will be responsible for overseeing a number of triple-A projects being developed at the studio.

For me, it’s a unique opportunity to be part of this rapidly growing studio and to provide my support for the studio’s ambitious projects in the years to come,” said Pelland.

Pelland has previously worked as senior development director at EA Montreal on titles including Army of Two and Army of Two: The 40th Day.

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