Microsoft: Core first-party titles will see release on PC

Microsoft has shifted its focus back to developing Windows PC releases of first party titles, VP Phil Spencer has revealed.

"I think it’s fair to say that we’ve lost our way a bit in supporting Windows games," Spencer told Shacknews.

"But we’re back."

Spencer noted that, despite the firm’s exclusive focus on console offerings for its Xbox hardware over the past decade, PC is now considered an important part of the publisher’s portfolio. Further promising that the shift will soon be apparent.

"Windows is incredibly important. The ‘One Microsoft’ mantra that’s come out had us looking at all the devices that Microsoft builds and truly becoming a first-party gaming studio across all devices."

Spencer assured more Windows projects are already in production, adding that the focus will be on core games first and foremost.

"You’ll see us doing more stuff on Windows. We probably have more individual projects on Windows than we’ve had in ten years at Microsoft Studios.

"At the launch of Windows 8, we had about 30 games in the Windows Store. A lot of those you’d consider lightweight or casual games… But we’ve covered all of that property now. Now we’re starting to look at bigger and core gamer things. I’m excited by that.

"Let’s start to act like a true first-party across all these devices. A service like Xbox Live that knows me and my content and my friends and achievements across all these devices. I think that’s an advantage for us."

Xbox One games Titanfall and Project Spark have already been announced for PC as well, with the latter title set to offer cross-play between Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows 8, and Surface tablets.

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