Ouya looking for addition funding outside Kickstarter

The $4,876,890 of money raised from Kickstarter is just the start of the funding goals for console upstart Ouya.

Indeed, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman has confirmed that the company will be looking for additional outside investment, though she insisted that the benefits of Kickstarter go beyond simply the money.

This is a really big undertaking and it’s going to be expensive,” Uhrman told Develop. We’re looking for additional funds of money but more importantly we wanted to take it to Kickstarter regardless.

Because Kickstarter will give us the support we need from the gamers and developers to get additional content on the devices and bring additional partners to us.

"It is unbelievable validation where gamers really demonstrate their enthusiasm with for what we’re doing with dollars, and those numbers demonstrate that there is a market."

Elsewhere in the interview, Uhrman further explained her desire for the TV to reclaim gaming.

I love playing games on the TV, and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that the console gaming industry has faced a brain drain in recent years from both gamers and developers,” she added.

They’re switching focus from TV to mobile platforms. Gamers find hardware and software still to be super expensive and developers feel that it is still complicated and expensive to bring games to the living room.

A lot more of the creative, exciting and innovative games are coming to the mobile platform and not the TV. We think that’s a shame, there is no better screen for playing games than the television.

We think that the core gamer is really going to like this. We think they’re going to find this as something cool. And there are going to be games on this platform that don’t make this to other consoles because at the end of the day they’re closed.”

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