‘PEGI is UK’s only option’

PEGI represents the gold standard” today, and will undoubtedly be the best system for tomorrow. PEGI is clearly the only ratings system which has the power to prevent game publishers distributing unsuitable content to children, online and offline.

Only PEGI fully assesses all games content. It is designed specifically for interactive software. It understands games and their potential for infinite variations. That’s why it is backed by the vast majority of the computer games industry.

Whether speaking on issues such as the educational benefits, the need for a parental awareness campaign or better efforts to protect and inform children at the point of sale, it was clear that Dr. Byron ‘gets it’. However, my only complaint is that some of her recommendations didn’t go far enough. The industry is moving online and about to undergo huge change.”

"It is therefore essential that there be a sole classification system which protects both now and in the future, both online and offline.

People are not stupid and shouldn’t be treated as such. When they see an 18 roundel on a box, they know what it means, regardless of the current classifier.

"Nevertheless, it is essential that the public has confidence in any ratings administrator.

The industry in the UK wants to work with Government to devise and implement a strong, detailed PEGI awareness strategy. We want to reach, not just children, but also parents and the wider game-playing community."

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