PS4 and Xbox 720 to be announced in March – report

March, you reckon? Well it’s funny you should say that…

A report in Game Informer magazine picked up by Videogamer claims that both Sony and Microsoft intend to reveal their respective next-gen consoles in "special Apple-style press conferences near the Game Developers Conference in late March".

It adds: "E3 in June may be the industry’s biggest event, but both companies want to give their systems their own limelight. That doesn’t mean E3 won’t be without its surprises. Next-gen games will be announced at the convention in preparation for the systems’ release at the end of the year."

Also highlighted is the much-rumoured belief that Sony is determined not to let the new Xbox enjoy any sort of significant market lead over its own device.

"We hear that Sony in particular is determined not to come out last this time like the PlayStation 3 did this generation,” it reckons. We’ll have to see how soon it can get the PlayStation 4 out the door, and whether Microsoft is motivated to prevent this from happening."

Earlier today MCV reported on word from Sony exec Hirosho Sakamoto that PS4 could well be aired publicly before E3.

And a separate source this morning suggested to MCV that March would very much be a date to look out for regarding big news from Sony.

Get ready, people – this is happening.

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