Raven working on Call of Duty project

Rumours that Activision-owned developer Raven Software is working on DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops have resurfaced thanks to a recent job ad.

Last May it was reported that Raven, whose most recent release was the commercially disappointing Singularity, was working both on an announced James Bond game and on a Call of Duty title.

The latter rumour now appears to have been confirmed, with the studio seeking a Lead FX Artist "to drive the development of stunning visual effects for an established console-based, realistic, first-person military shooter".

And there’s only one established console-based, realistic, first-person military shooter in the Activision catalogue at present. Unless you count Wolfenstein, though whether or not that could strictly be classed as "military" is up for debate.

Candidates must produce examples of work that shows a "wide range of published and highly realistic effects (weapons, atmospherics, etc.) placed in highly realistic next-gen game environments with a shot-by-shot breakdown".

It’s not impossible, of course, that it could all relate to a brand new game, as is arguably alluded to with the closing line of the ad: "Come work with us on our exciting new unannounced title."

We know at present that Treyarch currently leads Activision’s Call of Duty line. The presumption is that Infinity Ward is still working on a new Modern Warfare game. It’s also been confirmed that Sledgehammer is working on a still mysterious COD title.

What room does this leave for Raven? Either DLC or the long-rumoured Call of Duty MMO are the obvious options.

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